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Data Analytics in Treasury Management


Have you stopped to consider how data analytics can better help solve your everyday treasury problems?

In recent years, the increasing complexities of regulatory compliance, data spread across multiple systems, pressing issues around asset and liability management, liquidity and risk management, and cash flow forecasting have made it more challenging for treasurers to harness reliable data for increased efficiency and real-time decisions making.

Currently, most treasury analyses are predominantly done on Excel templates with prebuilt formulas fed with data gathered manually from various sources, simulated for sensitivity, scenario, forecasting, value at risk, capital adequacy and ratio analysis for the management team to arrive at decisions based on market changes. This process is very cumbersome and time-consuming and failing to correctly interpret the right data may be viewed by regulators and stakeholders as a fundamental management weakness, risk of executing a poor tactical strategy and long-term reputational risk.

Data analytics is a hidden masterpiece that many financial institutions are yet to explore its full benefits.

With proper data analytics and business intelligence, Treasurers, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and other key decision makers can make more informed business and financial decisions relying on data visualization instead of displaying rows and columns of data.

With data analytics, everyday treasury problems are resolved more efficiently such that users have more time to pursue more productive activities.  

Union Systems’ EGORA treasury management solution provides data analytics, business intelligence and visualization tools to help treasurers and other decision-makers with quick insights into cash flow, liquidity and risk management.

EGORA supports key treasury management and processing activities such as processing of several deals such as Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange & Derivative and Money Market Products, seamless confirmation of these deals, timely settlement of all your transactions, reconciliation, periodic valuations & revaluations of securities, in-depth scenario and sensitivity analysis across all existing securities and a wide range of customizable regulatory and internal reports. These are areas where EGORA has leveraged the use of data analytics.

Furthermore, EGORA has comprehensive support for Asset and Liability management (ALM). This entails not just monitoring inflows and outflows but also matching assets and liabilities across tenors, hedging risk, cash management and compliance. EGORA aggregates and analyzes data from foreign exchange processes, mark-to-market processes, and interest rates and yields process for better insights into stress testing and interest rate risk management. Data analytics help treasurers see the trends and risks in Foreign Exchange transactions.   

In addition, EGORA analytics dashboards and its business intelligence feature trigger alerts based on several key metrics such as interest rate margin and risk exception report which can help Treasurers or CFO benchmark bank performance against both regulatory and internal thresholds for profit maximization and risk minimization

To conclude, with EGORA, Treasury users in banks and other financial institutions now have efficient data presentation, improved forecasting, and pattern detection. There is also enhanced financial decision-making, risk management and cash flow monitoring.

This article is brought to you by Union Systems Limited: Africa’s leading financial software company. For more information or a demo of how the EGORA Treasury Management Software works, Click here.

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