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Treasury Management Software

EGORA is a corporate treasury management solution that assists banks in centralizing and optimizing investment management and capital markets post trade processes.

Improved visibility, better controls, and streamlined and automated procedures are all part of the answer.


You can replace several, fragmented systems with a single, fully integrated front-to-back treasury solution, enabling a standardized, simplified treasury operating model and a "whole bank" view of cash, securities, and risks across banking, trading, and investment accounts

of Egora

Automated multiple processes management such as deals processing, Confirmations Messaging, Settlements, and Securities delivery.
Automated Reconciliation of transactions processed against the swift messages sent and/or received.
Accurate and realtime FX and Securities position management.
Securities valuation processing and FX deals revaluation with a profit/loss report per trading book/desk/portfolio.
Precise data analytics/Business Intelligence on Assets/Liabilities reports, Basel Compliance and various products analysis.
Ability to capture trades from trading platforms like Reuters, Bloomberg, FMDQ, SWIFT etc.
Full compliance with Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN or any local regulatory institution) requirements on Limits Monitoring, Market Risk, and Risk Management and reporting. Ability to set limits on Currencies, Countries, Counterparties, Trading Books, Users and/or Business Roles.
Computes Capital Adequacy, Value at Risk (VAR) and Earnings at Risk (EAR). Also supports Interest Rate Sensitivity and Gap Analysis.
Hedge transactions can be processed regardless of the underlying instruments. This method is compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for effectiveness assessment and accounting.
Enables a decentralization of the complete Treasury Bills and/or Bonds auction process (Primary or Secondary auction) to branches - with an automated workflow from customers' Bid Request to processing of successful or unsuccessful bids. It also allows for Discounting of existing Bills or Bonds for customers with immediate need for cash.
Precise data analytics/Business Intelligence on Assets/Liabilities reports, Basel Compliance and various products analysis.
Enables Banks to attend to customers' requests for FX Spots, Forwards or Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) directly from the Branch via any of the FX sources - Interbank, NAFEX etc.
Ability to interact with a Trade Application to enable On-Lending Facilities such as Invoice Discounting etc for Trade related transactions.
Enables retail customers to meet immediate financial obligations by allowing conversion of FX Forward deals to FX Spots.
Enables proper portfolio management and reporting for individual customers or group of customers.
Supports all CBN and external reports/returns such as Net Open Position, Interbank Placements and Takings sent daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. The system allows a dynamic reporting environment for users to generate reports on the fly and add them to an existing library of reports to track workflows and banking statistics, or to examine P&Ls across corporate entities, such as investment performance and net financial debt.

Products Supported


Non-deliverable Forwards
Non-deliverable Swaps


Treasury Bills
Commercial Papers
Banker Acceptance
Deposits / Loans – Call, Single
Term, Scheduled, Discounted
Repurchase Agreement


Promissory Notes


Interest Rate Swap
Cross Currency Swaps
Total Return Swaps
Forward Rate Agreements
Contracts for Differences (CFDs)

Other Products