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    Union Systems Limited

  • Fusion Banking Essence
    Next generation core banking system
    SOA, Process driven and componentized architecture
    Single customer view and analytics
    Model-driven development and Technology agnostic
    Campaign Management
    General Ledger & accounts, Current, Savings and Deposits
    Fees and Pricing
    Payments and Loans

  • Digital Channel
    Virtual branch with clear functions
    Cross selling and Up-selling with Customers
    Customer self service
    Personal Financial Management tools
    Mobile banking on smartphones
    Tools for income forecasting and Cost control
    Financial advisory tool

  • FusionBanking Trade Innovation
    Traditional trade finance Solution
    Supply chain finance
    Multi-regional Processing
    STP with Frontend Corporate Channels
    STP with Mobile Channels

  • Corporate Channels
    Corporate unified channels for trade
    For Supply chain finance
    For Cash
    For Treasury

  • Fusion Banking Payment Manager
    Payment Services Hub
    Standard Payment& Messaging Components
    Unified Payment Formats
    Host Channel integration
    High STP rules Engine
    Central point for all SWIFTNet services & standards

  • Fusion Capital
    Derivatives & Cross Asset trading
    FX and Money market trading
    Equity and Commodity derivatives and Delta one trading
    Treasury Opeartions

  • Fusion Risk
    CounterParty Credit Risk
    Market Risk
    Liquidity Risk
    Compliant with Changing Regulatory Capital reporting
    Balance Sheet management
    Liquidity Coverage ratios & Stress tests

  • Content Management System
    Content management
    Email Solutions
    Records management
    Business Process Management
    Data and Content Integration

Union Systems Limited (USL) is an Information Technology Company focused on the provision of range of software solutions for the banks and financial institutions. Since it started business in 1994, USL has formed a strong partnership with Misys Plc UK.


We have experienced solution Consultants who are always available for any post implementation support services on our products. The support services are broken down to;


At USL, we believe that having efficient service offerings around our top-notch products is crucial to the sucess of any project. We take pride in our products rich funtionality which is further enhanced by superior quality services in the area of implementation, support, training and overall project management.


We are backed by a strong track record of innovation. Our records speak for us


Our team is backed by years of solid experience and we bring this to bear when working with you.


We have built great partnerships and we give you that leverage for your business.