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Corporate Portal

Optimus is a multibank trade finance corporate portal that empowers corporates to initiate, process and manage trade transactions from anywhere in the world.

Optimus unites all the players in the international trade value chain – corporates, banks, logistics, suppliers, insurers, regulators etc. to promote the easy facilitation of trade finance activities.​

One Corporate
Trade Portal,
Different Banks

Complete and manage all CBN forms without visiting the bank
Consolidated view of your trade transactions in all your banks
Enables easy participation of stakeholders involved in Letter of Credit processes
Get notified on Form M expiry/Rejection, LC Expiry, ECD submission, PAAR issuance, payments obligations and other transaction events
Access shipping documents received by the bank from offshore banks
Track shipping documents from the bank’s head office to the pick up location
Track Shipment from any country of supply to Nigeria
Pay and print payment receipts for custom duties, NESS fees etc.
A story bot that tells the history of every trade transaction using a reference number

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