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Trade Finance Software

Kachasi is a trade finance software application built to automate the full lifecycle of international and local trade finance operations.

Kachasi revolutionizes the way banks deliver trade finance services to their customers; and has achieved a drastic reduction of turnaround time in trade finance processing.

Kachasi is the result of over 20 years of experience
implementing and customizing various international
trade finance software applications for
banks across Africa.

The software is the first of its kind, light years ahead in terms of its intuitive design and functionalities.

Kachasi has a cloud-native option called Kachasi Air designed for banks with low; transaction volumes that want to automate their trade operations quickly and affordably.

How trade finance experts
have described Kachasi



Highly configurable to the bank’s business processes

Easily customizable to the regulatory needs of any country or location

Empowers the bank to adapt quickly to regulatory policies and updates

Ability to configure milestone notifications triggered by transactional events or dates across all products in the system.

Reduced turn-around time in trade finance processing

Automatic generation and processing of outgoing and incoming swift messages.

Seamless reconciliation and allocation of interests accrued on cash-backed Letters of Credit.

In-built document management tracking and handling.

Detailed tracking of all credit lines available to banks with their correspondent banks.

Enables banks to reconcile offshore charges on trade transactions of their customers.

Automates the process of returning the unutilized portion of trade allocated Foreign Exchange back to its source.

Robust Reporting Features

Provides real-time business intelligence through snap-shot reports and analytics for decision-making.

Reporting framework that supports their generation of regulatory report.

Comes pre-loaded with over 200 CBN regulatory reports to help banks fulfill all Central Bank regulatory reporting obligations.

Cutting Edge Technology

In-built Optical Character Recognition technology and Handwriting Text Recognition technology that automatically reads all kinds of scanned hard copy documents and populates them to their appropriate fields and transactions through its artificial intelligence features.

Easy integration to any system or third-party applications including the local regulatory portals and banks’ in-house applications.

The solution is cloud-agnostic and service APIs driven.

Compliant with SWIFT standards.

Operational Efficiency

Increased productivity due to reduced workload fueled by manual processes.

Keep trade operations going regardless of staff movement.

Achieve optimum decentralization of transaction processing by bank branches.

Cost Saving

Prevent all income leakages in transaction processing, especially on Pre-Negotiations.

Tracks daily charge accruals and automatically stop accruing either on the negotiation or when cash is provided.

The total cost of ownership is competitive when compared to other trade products.

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