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Kachasi is a trade finance software application built to automate the full lifecycle of international and local trade finance operations. Kachasi revolutionizes the way banks deliver trade finance services to their customers; and has achieved a drastic reduction of turnaround time in trade finance processing.


EGORA is a corporate treasury management solution that assists banks in centralizing and optimizing investment management and capital markets post-trade processes. Improved visibility, better controls, and streamlined and automated procedures are all part of the answer


Optimus is a multibank trade finance corporate portal that empowers corporates to initiate, process and manage trade transactions from anywhere in the world.


Sakobia is a central messaging hub designed to manage the generation, validation, authorization and translation of SWIFT messages without having to modify your existing infrastructure. It is a full stack enterprise web-application deployed in the bank. With Sakobia, banks can seamlessly transit from SWIFT MT to new SWIFT MX standards faster and cost-effectively.


Isura is a support portal that enables us to swiftly track and resolve customer issues.

Customers can use Isura to get help with technical and operational issues and track the case's progress in real time.


Tentacles is our 24/7 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) managing integrations and interoperability between diverse applications, channels, and portals both within and external to a financial institution.

Proven systems that scale with our clients

At USL, our approach to delivering effective solutions starts with a clear, common understanding of the needs of each customer.