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Mitratech is a market leading provider of legal compliance and risk software solutions for more than 1,200 organisations of all sizes across the globe, representing almost 40 percent of the Fortune 500, and over 500,000 users in over 160 countries.

Mitratech’s portfolio of enterprise legal and risk management software includes: legal matter management, spend management, eBilling, legal hold, contracts management, risk management, policy management, audit management and health & safety management.



The powerful and robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system purpose-built for the Financial Services sector. It’s the solution you need right now to meet ever-growing regulatory demands, get end-to-end control of all your data and streamline data management while improving compliance. Datastore helps you gain complete control over the capture, indexing, archival, retrieval, accessibility, delivery and retention of every item of business-critical information in your organization, via a secure central repository. It makes data and information become quicker to capture, safer to store, easier to access, faster to process, and simpler to deliver, while meeting ever-increasing regulatory requirements.


Data handling in (huge) volume:

Our most-mentioned advantage? How DataStore can handle enormous amounts of data every hour, every day, automatically.

A single secure data source:

Your central data repository work with all sources, including SOPRA, Provision and LOB, CRM, and ERM systems.

Built-in compliance:

Store data in regulatory compliance for superior Information Lifecycle Management and easily implement audit trails, access restrictions, and retention policies.

Powerful data mining:

Mine vast amounts of data from countless documents, applying multiple ranges and parameters to find exact results.

Streamlined records management

Pick which documents and data are securely retained, for how long, and set up automatic deletion upon data expiry.

Flexible workflow tools:

For simplified document routing or complex Business Process Management (BPM), gain flexibility to accommodate different process needs.

Policy Hub

PolicyHub is a best-in-class Policy Management solution relied upon by enterprises to simplify the considerable complexities of managing and communicating policies and procedures. PolicyHub was designed to be easy to use so enterprises can quickly streamline the vital tasks involved in Policy Management.