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Accuity offers a suite of innovative solutions for payments and compliance professionals, from comprehensive data and software that manage risk and compliance, to flexible tools that optimize payments pathways. With deep expertise and industry-leading data-enabled solutions from the Fircosoft, Bankers Almanac and NRS brands, our portfolio delivers protection for individual and organizational reputations.

Part of RELX Group, a world-leading provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries, Accuity has been delivering solutions to banks and businesses worldwide for 180 years.



Transaction volume is increasing rapidly, with the regulatory landscape evolving at an equally dramatic rate. In order to protect against reputational damage, risks, and fines—and prove to regulators that they are managing evolving regulations—financial institutions need efficient and sophisticated technology solutions that help them keep pace, all while containing spiraling costs.

Fircosoft provides the versatile resources these challenges demand. Our scalable transaction screening solutions enable organisations of all sizes and sophistication to ensure sanctions compliance, reduce illegal transaction processing risk, and establish readiness for regulatory scrutiny.

Fircosoft’s solutions are relied upon by nine of the world’s top ten financial institutions,while Accuity has been recognised as the category leader in the Watchlist Monitoring solutions RiskTechQuadrant™ of the Chartis 2016 Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions report.

With Fircosoft’s industry-leading solutions, you can:

1. Screen and block transactionsin real time

2. Optimise and tune your filtering processto your risk appetite and reduce false positives

3. Filter any incoming or outgoing transactionand type including ACH, SWIFT, FEDWIRE, and SEPA

4. Filter against all sanctions or internal lists,including Fircosoft’s optimised data sets

5. Protect against processingpurposefully altered payments with stripping detection in real time

Be confident in—and regulator-ready with—your transactions with screening solutions from Fircosoft.


Knowing who you’re in business with is more critical today than ever before. Ever-evolving sanctions and regulations are placing an increasingly heavy burden on banks and corporates to screen and identify customers, partners, and counterparties who could be engaged in illicit financial activities, associated with sanctioned regions, or are politically exposed persons (PEPs).

Ensure your organisation is well protected against regulatory and reputational risk with solutions from Fircosoft. Our account screening solutions help you comply with sanctions, PEP, and adverse media regulations with our comprehensive and accurate data.

Many of the largest financial institutions—and numerous corporations—around the world depend on Fircosoft for customer and entity screening and data.

With Fircosoft compliance solutions, you can:

1. Identify individuals, companies, and locationsrequiring extra due diligence before onboarding

2. Optimise and tune your filtering processto your risk appetite and to reduce false positives

3. Convert your manual paper-based processesto an automated process with a centralised audit trail


Firco Trade Compliance provides a one-stop solution for all your screening requirements, whether that’s screening customers for sanctions e.g., Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) or the trading activity itself—goods, locations, or the transportation vessel.

It provides a secure, end-to-end solution that enables you to centralise all of your screening processes for account, transaction and trade files for batch or real-time lookups. The flexibility of the system allows for the same solution in either a hosted or on premise environment and allows for any type of screening.


Firco Trade Compliance is a comprehensive and intelligent solution that efficiently screens against sanctions, vessels and dual-use goods within a single interface – offering a centralised view of risk and compliance, combining advanced and enhanced features:

  • An advanced screening engine – brings the data together to efficiently screen against sanctions, shipping and vessels, dual-use goods, entities and locations, into a consolidated screen featuring the key fields needed to check multiple aspects of a trade. It can be configured to suit individual data sets, automate workflows and prioritise review time by notifying users when there are potential match cases to review, streamlining overall screening processes.
  • Enhanced global regulation list – Accuity’s data research team proactively research, check and add daily to keep data up-to-date with global regulator announcements, constantly enhancing with thousands of unique identifiers for added protection against sanctioned entities


Streamline Operations

  • Ensure decision making is based on the latest and most comprehensive data
  • Reduce false positives by customising compliance screening according to your own needs and risk profile
  • Have the freedom to divert resources from manual, repetitive checking to other operational tasks

Best Practice Compliance

  • Improve the standard of compliance to meet international best practice and anticipate regulatory demands
  • Create a clear audit trail to demonstrate decision making to regulators

Secure Your Reputation

  • Minimise the reputational and financial risk to your organisation that’s inherit in trade finance
  • Improve turnaround time for customer’s trade finance applications


Now you can find the caution lists from all major sanctioning bodies, law enforcement agencies, and financial regulators worldwide—in one convenient and comprehensive source. We’re continually expanding and adding lists to offer the most accurate intelligence available.

We constantly collect, normalise, and validate data from multiple sanctions and caution lists from around the world. The data is enriched to reduce false positives and enable the highest level of anti-money laundering (AML) compliance.


Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) data

Our PEP database consists of more than 1.5 million entities in 240 countries and territories—and provides primary unique identifiers to positively identify PEPs, and data micro-categorisation functionality to sort PEPs by region and type.

Regulatory and sanctions data

Our primary regulatory lists are sourced from more than 45 regulatory bodies and compiled from verified international sources. You can also take advantage of additional enhancements that fill gaps beyond what you can find publicly available. Get extra protection against sanctioned entities in five key areas: shipping and vessels, bank locations, companies and organisations, payment routing, and people.

Dual-use and controlled goods data

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of dual-use and controlled items that will help you identify and prevent shipping of these goods to sanctioned and high-risk jurisdictions, as well as comply with policies and regulations by allowing you to screen all related fields associated with trade finance transactions in a single solution.

Vessel data

With our vessel data, you not only receive the information you need to screen against vessels listed by OFAC, you get intelligence that goes beyond OFAC information to provide you with beneficial owner, previous names, port of registry, operator, and more.

Adverse Media and Enforcement: Enhanced due diligence data

Compiled from more than 1,000 enforcement and 35,000 media sources, our database is one of the largest in the world for negative news and high-risk entities.