Professional Services


Our Professional Services team has a wealth of experience working with various customer project methodologies. Our experienced consultants and project managers understand how best to implement application solutions in the most efficient way possible. We will aim to adjust relevant working procedures to meet the needs of whichever methodology the Customer chooses to use, and look forward to reviewing the impact at your earliest convenience.


Application Implementation Services


With highly experienced implementation consultants, we ensure that an application solution is not just a set of software tools, but is transformed into an efficient and effective business solution. We work with our customers to tailor its systems to meet their specific needs and to integrate these with existing business processes and chosen technical environments.

Primary services offered by the implementation services team include:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Workflow process analysis and redesign
  • System parameterisation, configuration and prototyping
  • System integration
  • Report design and development
  • Interface design and development
  • System testing services
  • Deployment & support

Our implementation methodology is underlined in the diagram below:


Training Services


We would first review your training requirements to ensure that the application solutions are adopted and utilised successfully. We can provide a number of alternative training paths to ensure your team gains the most knowledge in the most effective manner:

  • Specific Client Training at our Training Centre
    Standard classroom training but given exclusively to your employees; scheduled to meet your needs. This applies for both Application and Technical training.

  • On-Site Training
    We will train the project team at your location when you need it. All application and technical courses are available. Tailoring can occur on our standard courses to meet specific customers' needs.

  • End User TrainingComplete End User Training can also be offered as part of the overall service offering, however this could only be accomplished correctly during the initial phase of the project when the scope is confirmed. There are various approaches which can be used to the delivery of End User Training namely:
    1. Train the Trainer
    2. Consultant Led Training

Post implementation Support


We have experienced solution Consultants who are always available for any post implementation support services on our products. The support services are broken down to:

  • Onsite Support
    This is the type of support where the consultants will visit the bank site to simulate and solve the problem. For this type of support the customer will pay some stipend for the service.

  • Offsite Support
    For this type of support, our consultants will simulate the problem within our office and communicating with the Customer will solve the problem. The original support agreement with the customer applies without additional charges.


Our support team ensures timely and effective support to all clients.Customers can access us by email with for non-critical issues and you will be contacted within 24 hrs.